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We love travel! Our goal is to help you enjot travel as much as we do. Being full-service professionals, we are eagar and ready to serve all your travel needs. We are based in St. Augustine, Florida but have the ability to service clients all over the world.

Whether you are booking that next memorable vacation or getting ready for that next business trip, we are here to help. We have access to venues and travel you may not have considered. There are so many options and opportunities to make your dream vacation a reality! Let us help you today!

  • How would you like to see Mardi Gras and have less expense from a luxury cruise ship?
  • How would you like to see the British Open for less?
  • Have you considered an Alaska expedition or visiting that special tropical island?
  • Do you have a family reunion that you want to make special?
  • Is riding camels by the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau on your bucket list?
  • Have you always dreamed of seeing the Great Wall of China?

All these ideas and more are the moments that you will always cherish with your family (or future family!).Try us out for size, you won’t be disappointed in our attention to detail, level of world-class service and certainly all we can provide you on that next amazing trip.

Please visit us again as we are building content and destinations and features as quickly as we can. Give us a try soon and you will surely be amazed at our service and dedication.

Cecilia Wheeler
Bill Wheeler
Sophia Pegram Jackson

Cecilia Wheeler, Co-Founder & President

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St. Augustine Ponte Vedra Travel Specialist

Bill Wheeler, Co-Founder & VP Operations

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Caymankind Specialist
Certified Crystal Specialist
St. Augustine Ponte Vedra Travel Specialist

Sophia Pegram Jackson, Your Travel Concierge

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