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Try...even if you don't know how


By Bill Wheeler


Saturn V Rocket
Saturn V Rocket (like the one that went to the moon) at the Johnson Space Center © 2016 WheelerVacations.com

We all have things we are proud of. We have all have had challenges and setbacks. How many times have you heard someone say, “I couldn’t do that?” or “What makes you think you could do that?” If you are like me, more than once. There are plenty of naysayers if you just stop and listen. But just think a minute, if you actually listened and believed them, you wouldn’t have all the accomplishments you have achieved in your life! You wouldn’t be able to read this, to complete some level of school, to get a job, to feed ourselves, or anything.

Our recent trip to Houston really reminded me of this in full, living color. In the 60’s, President Kennedy laid down the challenge to put a man on the moon by the end of that decade. We had come so far in technological wonder since World War II, but setting foot on another world was…science fiction at that time. Just think of being put on a project that was as visible as it gets and literally the lives of others are risked (and lost along the way) to meet that challenge. Our tour of Johnson Space Center brought back a lot of excitement about space exploration and many of the emotions from the loss of brave souls willing to risk everything for the sake of science. How much smaller our goals can seem.

As history bore out the challenges and successes of that first successful landing and safe return of our astronauts, a systematic plan was conceptualized, visualized and manifested. This is the roadmap we follow today, whether it is losing 10 pounds or finishing school or going on a dream vacation. We have to make it important, make it priority, and then and only then will we make it happen.


If we are normal human beings, we have dreams about someday. It has been said many times that a goal is a dream with a deadline. We have to first believe, however, that it is possible. What most people don’t understand, that is the single biggest hurdle. You first have to entertain the thought that it might happen or could happen. Once you internalize this without the mental tennis on the possibility, you can then focus on activity to take steps to move toward your goal. Note that I said move toward. Baby steps will get you there, bigger steps will get you there faster. Whatever is manageable is still progress and your hand is always on the throttle. When you need help, don’t be afraid to seek it out, but always keep moving toward the goal. You will eventually get there.


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