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What are your priorities?


By Bill Wheeler


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The Roman Colleseum, Rome, Italy as seen from the Roman Forum

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What are your priorities? Is it working for a living? Is it trying to get that next promotion? I would propose here that it really isn’t. To quote Timothy Ferriss in “The 4-Hour Workweek, “People don’t want to be millionaires, they want to experience what they believe only millionaires can buy. People want to be treated well, have great experiences and create memories that will travel with them for the rest of our earthly lives.

When we, as Americans, travel abroad, we get to experience new cultures, new foods, and new sights that attracted us there in the first place. What we come to see is really something else, which is the real topic of this article, how we can become over-programmed in our own culture. My brother-in-law stated this many years ago, returning from a month sabbatical in Italy. It wasn’t until I experienced the Italian countryside myself that I began to understand his meaning. I got to see firsthand how a different culture embraces life and work differently. It is more about lifestyle than working to be a means to an end. The cliché “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” is particularly true when you consider how long things can take there. But although this may come across a little sarcastic, the undercurrent may really speak to a modicum of jealously in the lifestyle is not so aggressive and the journey is more enjoyable.


We travel to explore, recharge and take on new perspectives. We never return the same. Whether we have good to great experiences or less than stellar times, we are forever changed. Sometimes a change of scenery can give us new appreciation for what we enjoy at home, or give is new suggestions on how to improve what we have. Regardless of the outcome, we will take home with us, not the souvenirs that collect dust on a shelf, but more the life’s lessons and takeaways we are given a snapshot into. Whether it was Donnie, our eccentric cab driver in London who loved his work for the last 40 years, or Sammy, our Caribbean boat captain, both truly loved their life. Yes, both had bills to pay and the pressures that went with all that, but were truly embracing the journey of their lives. How many lessons can we distill from them? It does make one reflect on one’s own circumstance to see if we are equally happy, or if we need to make some internal or external adjustments. It would be an interesting topic of research to see how many Americans are so busy being busy versus how little time and effort are put into seeking a roadmap of life experiences and enjoyment as compared to other nations. We work so hard for someday, but my highly intelligent wife reminds me to put equal time and effort into enjoying the journey now while we can. What areas of our lives can we retool to become more efficient, more productive (not just by working more) so that we can enjoy more time to experience the journey? I look forward to hearing from you, I look forward to your answers and may you enjoy the expedition of your lives.


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