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When Would NOW be a good time?


By Bill Wheeler


When Would NOW Be A Good Time?How would you like to swim with dolphins? Ever thought about seeing the Great Pyramids of Egypt? How about seeing the Grand Canyon? What would you think about sailing the

Caribbean? This is all possible, but it has to start with a dream. A long-time dream of mine

was to swim with the dolphins and I got that opportunity this past year in Grand Caymanand

this was one of the photos from that experience. I am sure many of you are now saying “[sigh]…someday…”

When would NOW be a good time? This quote from Anthony Robbins has struck a chord with

me since I first heard it in the 90’s in one of his motivational seminars. We are certainly

driven by the needs at work, the needs at the various organizations and clubs that we are

associated with, but what about our personal needs? How do we fit those in when we are

so busy being busy?


We all have things that we want to accomplish in our lives. But what are we doing about it? We have all had friends or coworkers complain about their situation, what are they actually doing about it. Even small steps in the right direction will get you there eventually. We know that we should set goals, but do we? Are we just dreaming of someday? A goal is simply a dream with a deadline.

Why not write down 10 things you want to accomplish in the next year. Then write down 10 things you want to do in the next five years? There are many studies that point to the fact if you actually write it down and review it often, you are far more likely to accomplish them. You may have seen my article on your bucket list, but this is really something a little more specific. You may have been familiar with a development plan that you are goal-setting at work, and this is very similar. You should, however, have more excitement around this because is far more

personal, not driven by someone else’s checkbox.

Do you want to exercise more? Do you want a certain amount in the bank? Do you want to visit a specific place you have always wanted to see? There are no wrong answers, they are entirely yours and yours alone.

Did you write them down? Good! Now take just a few minutes to assign a deadline date to each one. This can be one year out or up to 5 years out. Some things will take longer, some things will happen much quicker. Finally, if you have a goal, for example, to go on a trip, find out how much that trip could cost. This is a quick phone call to your travel agent (who may have deals you don’t see on the internet) and this is free, you are only seeking information at this time. For the sake of an example, let’s say you want to go on a cruise to the Bahamas because you have never been on a cruise or never have been to the Bahamas. You can certainly find a cruise on a nice ship for a 3 or 4 night cruise for less than $500 depending on the time of year. Let’s say you want to have a few cocktails and have a shore excursion during that trip to make it more memorable and you budget an additional $100. Our total trip would end up being only $600.

If you want to go in one year, this is easy, you only need to save $50 a month (12 x $50 = $600) for this coming year and you are off sailing! Cutting back on just a few things like a coffee-shop coffee once a week and selling a few items that are collecting dust and no longer needed will go a long way to accomplishing this goal. Could you work a few extra hours at work? Just a little effort will only accelerate getting your goal sooner.

You can apply this method to any of your goals, just look at how you can “chunk down” your goals into smaller manageable bits so you can work toward your goal and stay motivated. If you want additional tips or need any help with your travel plans, please do not hesitate to call us, we are here to help.


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